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When viewed from outer space, it’s evident that there is a large concentration of life and activity along the U.S.-Mexico border. One Bunk is a collection of modern-day lodging experiences alive and thriving in Barrio Logan, Ocean Beach, Tijuana, and soon, Valle de Guadalupe. We deliver bi-national hospitality geared toward the experiential traveler and crafted to coexist with the international border that so identifies with the San Diego + Baja lifestyle.

The One Bunk experience embraces art, food, adventure, wellness, design, technology, architecture, and local culture, whilst ensuring maximum comfort for our “bunkers.” From mid-century modern interiors to the inspiring “El Grove” outdoor oasis, we curate every element, every detail. Ultimately, our insider perspective informs each One Bunk property. They reflect their respective neighborhoods and become destinations for creative recreation and great times. 

So that’s a bit about us…in 140 words or less. Are you ready to step into the story?



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